Nucleation Definition (Chemistry and Physics)

Nucleation Definition (Chemistry and Physics)

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Nucleation Definition

Nucleation is the process where droplets of liquid can condense from a vapor, or bubbles of gas can form in a boiling liquid. Nucleation can also occur in crystal solution to grow new crystals. It is seen in gases when tiny bubbles coalesce into larger ones. In general, nucleation is a self-organizing process that leads to a new thermodynamic phase or a self-assembled structure.

Nucleation is affected by the level of impurities in a system, which can provide surfaces to support assembly. In heterogeneous nucleation, organization begins at nucleation points on surfaces. In homogeneous nucleation, organization occurs away from a surface. For example, sugar crystals growing on a string is an example of heterogeneous nucleation. Another example is the crystallization of a snowflake around a dust particle. An example of homogeneous nucleation is growth of crystals in a solution rather than a container wall.

Examples of Nucleation

  • Dust and pollutants provide nucleation sites for water vapor in the atmosphere to form clouds.
  • Seed crystals provide nucleation sites for crystal growing.
  • In the Diet Coke and Mentos eruption, the Mentos candies offer nucleation sites for the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles.
  • If you place your finger in a glass of soda, carbon dioxide bubbles will nucleate around it.
Carbon dioxide bubbles nucleating on a finger. Arie Melamed-Katz


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