Eight Best First Chainsaws For The Beginner

Eight Best First Chainsaws For The Beginner

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I've just updated a very popular article on choosing a first chainsaw. This feature was developed for a new chain saw buyer/user who is just preparing to purchase his or her first saw. I provide you with links to saw sites I've picked to make a great first purchase.

I go on the premise that most folks don't want nor need a professional woodcutter's saw which could provide too much power with backbreaking weight. You can always upgrade if your jobs and tree sizes increase. Learn how to cut on a smaller dependable saw. You will be very surprised how these smaller power tools can take on larger projects in a pinch. Buying a saw too big for your needs is simply an accident waiting to happen. Use this review and try to stick with a company's 14" to 16" guide bar and a saw with not much more than 50 cubic centimeters of displacement.

Chainsaw companies have developed balanced, slim, small saws with power enough for commercial arborists. These saws are also perfect for someone who does light work in the yard and on the farm. Consider my eight reviewed chainsaws for your first purchase.


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