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Marie Antoinette

1762 Marie Antoinette - 1762. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Queen of France

Marie Antoinette, born Archduchess of Austria, was in line to become Queen of France when she married the future Louis XVI of France in 1774. She's famous for something she likely never said, "Let them eat cake" -- but even if she never said that, her spending habits and hardline anti-reform position in the French Revolution probably made the situation in France worse. She was executed by guillotine in 1793.

Marie Antoinette was born on the same day a major earthquake hit Lisbon, Portugal. This portrait shows Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette at age seven.

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Marie Antoinette

1765 Marie Antoinette - 1765, attributed to Johann Georg Weickert. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette and two of her two brothers danced at the celebration of the marriage of her oldest brother, Joseph.

Joseph married Princess Marie-Josèphe of Bavaria in 1765, when Marie Antoinette was ten years old.

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Marie Antoinette

1767 Portrait of Marie Antoinette at age 12, Martin Van Meytens, 1767. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, and the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. Here she is depicted at twelve years old.

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Marie Antoinette

1771 Marie Antoinette, 1771, by Joseph Krantzinger. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette was married to the French dauphin, Louis, in 1770, to help build ties between the Austrian empire and France.

Here Marie Antoinette is shown at age 16, the year after her marriage.

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Marie Antoinette

1775 Portrait of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, 1775. Artist may be Gautier Dagoty. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette became Queen of France and her husband, Louis XVI, the King, when his grandfather Louis XV died in 1774. In this 1775 painting she is twenty.

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Marie Antoinette

1778 Marie Antoinette - 1778 by Vestier Antoine. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette gave birth to her first child, Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France, in 1778.

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Marie Antoinette

1783 Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun., 1783. Courtesy Library of Congress

Marie Antoinette became increasingly extravagant after her mother died in 1780, adding to her unpopularity.

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Marie Antoinette Portrait

Marie Antoinette. Lifesize / Getty Images

Marie Antoinette's unpopularity was, in part, due to suspicion that she represented Austrian interests more than French interests, and that she was influencing her husband towards favoring Austria.

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Marie Antoinette

Engraving Marie Antoinette. Image in public domain, modifications © 2004 Jone Johnson Lewis. Licensed to

This 19th century engraving of Marie Antoinette is based on a painting by Mme. Vigee Le Brun.

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Marie Antoinette, 1785

With Her Children Marie Antoinette with two of her children, 1785, Adolf Ulrich Wertmuller. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette with two of her three children, Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France and Dauphin Louis Joseph of France.

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Marie Antoinette

1788 A portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, Adolf Ulrich Wertmuller, 1788. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette's opposition to reforms made her increasingly unpopular.

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Marie Antoinette

1791 A painting of Marie Antoinette, 1791, Alexandre Kucharski, unfinished and damaged by a pike during the French Revolution. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marie Antoinette was imprisoned after a failed escape from Paris in October of 1791.

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Marie Antoinette

19th Century Engraving Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, in a 19th century image from Evert A. Duykinck, A Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women of Europe and America, with Biographies. Public domain image, modifications © Jone Johnson Lewis, licensed to

Marie Antoinette is remembered in history for something she probably never said, "Let them eat cake."

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Marie Antoinette

18th Century Bust Marie Antoinette bust, 18th century. © Jupiterimages, used with permission

A bust of Marie Antoinette, 18th century Queen of France.


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